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Beautiful Life Bootcamp is the ultimate step-by-step guide to find your purpose, create your dreams and increase your happiness in just 5 weeks!

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  • Have you ever felt confused about your purpose and who you really are?
  • Are you feeling stuck, lost or unfulfilled?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if there is more to life?
  • Do you have trouble letting go of the past or trusting in the future?
  • Are you held back by fear, self-doubt or a lack of self-belief?
  • Do you struggle to achieve your goals and make life changes?
  • Do you have secret dreams and desires but they feel out of reach?

You are NOT alone!

How do I know? Because I have been there.


Just a few years ago, I was feeling down and unfulfilled. I was in the wrong relationship and job, with no plan, financial wisdom or self-love.

My mind was constantly re-living the past or worrying about the future. The clock was ticking and I had no purpose or deeper meaning.

I tried reading self-help books, setting goals and making changes. But fear, indecision and self-doubt kept holding me back. I was stuck.

Nothing could fill the growing emptiness inside of me. Until I made a life-changing discovery:

You can’t just make changes on the outside. You have to make changes on the inside too. Then your whole life will begin to flow with ease, joy and miracles.

I went on to get crystal clear on my dreams, upgrade my mindset, heal my past and take action to bring my dreams to life. I also learnt how to get the Universe on my side and find happiness now, not in the distant future.

After helping my own friends and life coaching clients overcome the same challenges, I created Beautiful Life Bootcamp to give this step-by-step process to you.

Why? Because you were born for a reason. Your dreams matter. You deserve happiness. And you can have what you want. Sooner than you think.

Introducing Beautiful Life Bootcamp

Your practical guide to getting unstuck and creating an amazing life you love.

The Beautiful Life Bootcamp is an online course you can take from anywhere in the world.

In just five weeks Beautiful Life Bootcamp can help you:

  • Discover who you are and your purpose in life.
  • Get crystal clear on your dreams and desires.
  • Let go of the past and gift yourself a fresh start.
  • Reprogram your mindset with empowering beliefs.
  • Design a life you love daily — with the love, friendships, career, finances, health, lifestyle and soul connection your soul craves.
  • Engage the divine intelligence of the Universe to manifest your desires.
  • Learn how to follow your joy now instead of putting happiness on hold.
  • Build a stronger connection with your soul or inner spirit.
  • Blossom into the person you were born to be.
  • Wake up every day feeling exactly how you want to feel.

Imagine a life where you know who you are and why you are here.

Imagine a life where you know exactly what your heart desires and how to get it with ease and enjoyment.

Imagine a life where you have the love, career and contribution, friendships, financial abundance, health, lifestyle and soul connection you desire.

Let’s make your dreams a reality!

Everything you need in these 5 online modules!

Your Purpose, Soul & Dream Life Vision
  • Learn the truth about who you really are.
  • Discover your purpose in life — the answer no one has told you!
  • Identify your soul blueprint and unique gifts.
  • Get crystal clear on your life vision and mission.
  • Avoid these common mistakes when setting your goals.
  • The Universe has your back — learn how to become a miracle magnet!
Limiting Beliefs & Blocks Keeping You Stuck
  • The truth about how your beliefs create your reality.
  • Are you tired of not getting your desires? Find out what’s blocking you!
  • Why your past is keeping you trapped and how to heal and let it go.
  • The secret to reprogramming your mindset with powerful beliefs.
  • Why your mantras and affirmations don’t work — and what to do about it.
  • Plus, learn how to become the person you dream of being — today!
Inspired Action, Intuition & Motivation
  • How to move forward with your dreams without knowing how!
  • Become a master at inspired action to achieve more with less effort.
  • The truth about using your heart and intuition for divine guidance.
  • Why you keep sabotaging yourself and how to change habits for good.
  • The best-of-the-best methods for staying motivated and succeeding!
  • Plus, the truth about fear — and the secret to overcoming it.
Living Your Dreams Today & Manifesting With The Universe
  • The truth about getting the Universe on your side and manifesting your desires.
  • Your complete life and environment upgrade plan.
  • Why gratitude is a powerful magnet and how to use it effectively.
  • Are you tired of waiting to live your dreams? Then wait no longer!
  • The biggest secret to mastering the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Why some people effortlessly achieve their dreams in record time.
Happiness Now & Receiving Your Desires
  • How to stop being so attached to your goals and desires.
  • The little known secret to having faith in your dreams that will change the way you see life.
  • The truth about increasing your daily happiness and joy levels.
  • Avoid these common mistakes that are taking away your peace and power.
  • Why you are literally missing out on life — and how to regain your precious time.
  • Plus, what successful people know that other people don’t.


  • #1
    Wealth Consciousness

    This bonus training lesson will show you how to get out of a lack mentality and increase your abundance consciousness. Dissolve limiting beliefs around money and create a powerful new mindset. Learn practical ways to feel more abundant today and watch your outer world transform to match.

  • #2
    Toolkit for Soul Connection

    This bonus training lesson will show you how to build a deep connection with your soul. Did you know your soul is an untapped storehouse of love, wisdom, strength and guidance? Building a soul connection will transform your life!

  • #3
    Ultimate Resource Vault

    Get exclusive access to my incredible resource vault containing the best-of-the-best books, videos, research, tools and wisdom you need to continue to create massive positive changes in your life.

Who is this online course for?

If you have a desire to get unstuck and create an amazing life you love, then this program is for you my friend.

If you don't want to create an amazing life you love... ummm, why wouldn't you?! Kidding, kidding. But seriously...

You have no idea about who you are, your purpose in life, or what you really want. You feel lost, stuck and unsatisfied.

You know what you long for — the love of your life, an inspiring career, more money, an apartment in Hawaii, to change the world — but you have NO idea how to make it happen.

You want to change your life and be your greatest self — but every time you try, you end up stuck and spinning your wheels. Self-sabotage, anyone?

So are you ready to get unstuck and create an amazing life?

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How do I get started and what do I get?

The complete Beautiful Life Bootcamp online course

The course content is housed in a premium custom-designed membership site.

You will get lifetime access to the content (videos, audios, worksheets and bonuses).

Exclusive access to the private Beautiful Life community

This is where you can interact with current Beautiful Life students (and graduates!) and where I can help keep you inspired and motivated.

Unlimited email support for the duration of the program

As a Beautiful Life Bootcamp student, I want to make sure you get your questions answered when you need them.

I call on my experience as a feature writer for the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, Thought Catalog and I am also a qualified Beautiful You life coach.



14 day satisfaction guarantee

I want you to get value from the course, and I’m so confident it works, I offer a 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

If you find you don’t get value from the course, simply email me within 14 days of the course commencing, attach your completed worksheets, and you’ll get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Elyse Santilli, and I am a writer, life coach and inspirational speaker. My teachings are featured on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha and I’m also a Beautiful You certified coach. I am passionate about helping people connect with their soul, create their dream life and increase their happiness.

How is this online course unique?

Some people teach goals without soul (you follow the society definition of success but you still feel empty and stressed inside).

Some people teach soul without goals (you are supposed to meditate under a tree forever).

Me? I teach both. Because I believe life is about connecting with your soul and creating your desires.

When does the online course start?

You get instant access to the program – you will receive an email with your login details within 24 hours of signing up.

Each week you will gain access to the videos, audios and worksheets for the week.

You will receive an email notification letting you know that the new content has been released.

What if now is not a good time?

That’s totally fine. You get lifetime access to the course so you can do it at your own pace and you can catch up at anytime.

You are better off joining now before the registration period closes as I’m not sure when I’ll be running the course again.

Is it too late to change my life?

It is never too late, my friend!

When you get clear on what your heart really wants and begin to take baby steps towards it, you will be amazed how quickly your life can transform.

Every single day is an opportunity for change, miracles and joy!

Is this course for a certain gender or age?

We have had both female and male graduates from all over the world of all ages. If your soul is longing to create a life you love, listen to it!

Your dream life is calling... are you going to answer?

Beautiful Life Bootcamp


  • Prices are in USD
  • INSTANT access to the program
  • Delivered online
  • Practical step-by-step guides
  • Videos, audios and worksheets
  • Email support for course duration
  • You will receive an email with 24 hours with your login details.

See what recent graduates have to say

Elyse, I feel completely different in such an amazing way. Thank you for sharing so much in a practical and easy to follow format. You explain things really well and then your exercises and worksheets make me follow through. I have personally found your exercises incredibly powerful for reaching my goals. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

Elyse takes you step-by-step from where you are from where you want to be — happy, confident, self-loving, and consciously living a life of purpose and passion that YOU design. It was life-changing to learn how my mindset and beliefs were keeping me trapped. I upgraded my inner world and had big wins in my outer world.

Before the course, I was wondering about my emotional ups and downs, and worrying about my purpose in life. Beautiful Life Bootcamp has been a life changer. I would highly recommend the course! I only wish I had taken it sooner in my life.

How long are you going to wait to fall in love with your precious life?

Beautiful Life Bootcamp


  • Prices are in USD
  • INSTANT access to the program
  • Delivered online
  • Practical step-by-step guides
  • Videos, audios and worksheets
  • Email support for course duration
  • You will receive an email with 24 hours with your login details.
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