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Does this sound familiar?

+ You have a niggling feeling that there must be more to life.

+ You struggle with deep self-love, worthiness and feeling like enough.

+ You have limiting beliefs, fears or doubts holding you back from your full potential.

+ You are confused about your calling, dreams, or how to get those things you really want.

+ You want to get unstuck and empowering yourself to create your best life.

+ You want a fulfilling life in all areas, balancing purpose and pleasure.

+ You are interested in self-help but need guidance to make changes happen.

+ Your cup is empty and you want to wake up feeling excited, confident and authentically you.

Would you love to:

+ Create an amazing relationship with yourself based on self-love and worth.

+ Design a life you love based on your unique calling, values and desires.

+ Learn tools to release limiting beliefs, fears and doubts holding you back.

+ Reprogram your mind with empowering beliefs that support you.

+ Tap into the highest version of you filled with confidence and empowerment.

+ Get into alignment and raise your vibration for more daily joy.

+ Balance your masculine action energy with your feminine flow.

+ Learn manifestation and co-create your desires with more ease.

+ Raise your standards and feel worthy of receiving more.

+ Learn how to move through your emotions with grace.

+ Get out of your head and back into peace and the present moment.

+ Call in more love, abundance, purpose or pleasure.

+ Learn powerful habits that support you in feeling like your best self.

+ Create a strategy to achieve your goals and dreams.

+ Feel like you are unleashing your potential and magic in the world!

You deserve all of this, and more!

A few years ago, I was living a good-on-paper life but always had a sense there could be more.

I was stuck in a corporate job that did not light up my soul, I was dating the wrong man, I settled for crappy foods and friendships, I had a lack mentality and low self-esteem. I did random hobbies just to fit in, I worked long hours, and I had to force myself to feel motivated in the mornings. I never felt like enough.

I know what it’s like to feel like you have MORE to give… but you don’t know where to start.

To see other people living their dreams or feeling worthy and confidence, but thinking they must be special and that kind of life is not for you.

Thankfully, I listened to that calling inside of me that gently whispered… listen to your truth, align with your highest self, co-create your wildest dreams.

So I did the work. I got coaches. I took courses. I got a coaching qualification. I got clear on my authentic dreams and divine worthiness.

And I bust through the stories that were holding me back. I elevated my thoughts, my vibration, and the way I show up in the world.

I now travel and do work that I love, as a writer and life coach. I have manifested an amazing husband and inspiring soul sister friends. I now have the confidence to take action, creating a website with tens of thousands of monthly visitors and I am writing my first book. Most importantly, I feel in alignment, on purpose, and connected to my inner light.

I want the same for you. It is my purpose to guide you to be the woman you were born to be, and create the life or goals you desire.

Your program will be tailored to your unique goals and needs, but we may focus on:

▲ Getting crystal clear on your next level goals and desires.

▲ Tools to bust through blocks and fears keeping you stuck.

▲ Reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.

▲ Radical self-love and self-value.

▲ Turn your worthiness on and become a magnetic woman.

▲ Embodying the highest potential version of you.

▲ Unlocking your feminine power pleasure and presence.

▲ Balancing your masculine and feminine energies.

▲ Creating an abundance mentality around money.

▲ Filling your cup and giving from the overflow.

▲ Badass self-belief and confidence to do the things you want.

▲ Getting into alignment and raising your vibration daily.

▲ How to manifest your deepest desires with ease and grace.

▲ Creating boundaries and raising your energetic standards.

▲ Your authenticity is sexy and self-expression in the world.

▲ Following your heart and intuition and taking inspired action.

▲ The tools for daily mindset and manifestation work.


90-Minute Coaching Session

This is a single 90-minute coaching and mentoring session, to get you aligned, clear and inspired for 2019.

You can use this sacred “you” time to:

  • Gain clarity on your goals, desires and purpose for 2019.
  • Brainstorm an inspired action plan to get you in momentum.
  • Bust through blocks and limiting ideas holding your back.
  • Learn how to embody the confident worthy woman that you want to be.
  • Pick my brain about manifesting your desires or running a coaching business.
  • Learn tools for reprogramming your mindset, raising your vibration, shifting your money mindset, and more.

90-minute session:

▲ 1 x 90-minute coaching call (you can be anywhere in the world).

▲ A beautifully designed Goal Planning & Alignment Workbook.

▲ A detailed email summary of our call with relevant homework and resources.

Your investment: $250 single payment.

You can book your one-off session here.

You will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to my schedule to book your session.

6-Week Coaching Program

Are you ready to finally start living an inspired life that makes you proud? Are you ready to uncover the blocks that are holding you back? I will help you figure out exactly what needs to change in your life, so you can feel empowered.

Your program begins with a custom questionnaire so we can get a better understanding of your goals, values and concerns.

During the course of 6 weeks, we’ll be meeting one-on-one for coaching calls via Zoom.

I will support you uplevel your life, hold you accountable to your goals, and lovingly guide you to become the woman you want to be.

After each call, you will receive an email from me, outlining your action steps and resources.

You’ll walk away feeling clear, refreshed and excited about upgrading your mindset, habits and life.

6-week coaching package:

▲ 4 x 60-minute coaching calls over the course of six weeks.

▲ Design Your Beautiful Life questionnaire.

▲ Email and/or Voxer (voicemail/text) support for 6 weeks.

▲ Trainings and worksheets relevant to your goals.

▲ Bonus access to the Bliss Babes online course.

Your investment: $700 upfront, or 2 x monthly payments of $350.

You can pay in full here or use a payment plan here.

You will receive an email within 24 hours with your welcome information.

I cannot wait to work with you, gorgeous soul! You can also email me with questions.

3-Month VIP Coaching Program

Are you ready to discover who you are, transform your mindset, and makeover your lifestyle? Want to become an empowered woman, fiercely authentic, following your dreams, and manifesting daily?

Over the course of 3 months, we will meet one-one-one via phone or Zoom for powerful coaching sessions.

This is my most transformative coaching program, as I lovingly guide you to make changes and become the best version of you. I will help you uncover your truth and deepest desires, and hold you accountable to your goals.

After each call, you will receive an email from me, outling your action steps and resources.

I will also provide you with my best tools for manifestation, reprogramming your mindset, self-love, confidence, and taking inspired action.

I blend my life coaching qualifications, with mindset and manifestation principles, and practical strategy, tailored to your needs. Plus you will get access to my best life-changing digital courses.

Ready to make 2019 your year? This VIP program is for you. You’ll walk away feeling clear, refreshed and empowered to use your new tools and strategies to uplevel your life.

3-month coaching package:

▲ 9 x 60-minute coaching sessions.

▲ “Design Your Beautiful Life” questionnaire.

▲ Email and/or Voxer (voicemail/text) support for 3 months.

▲ Access to relevant modules of my online courses, including the Manifestation Course, the Self Love Course, Bliss Babes Course and the Coaching Course.

Your investment: $1500 upfront, or 3 x monthly payments of $550 (pay upfront and save $150).

You can pay in full here or use a payment plan here.

If you have questions and would like to jump on a 15-minute discovery call first, fill in the short application here or send me an email.

I cannot wait to work with you, gorgeous soul!

6-12 months packages are also available for long-term clients.

You can also email me with questions or to discuss other coaching options.

About Elyse

Elyse Santilli is a writer and qualified life coach from Australia. Read her story here.

Her mission is to help people love themselves and create their best lives, through worthiness, fierce authenticity and manifestation principles. Her work blends manifesting and philosophy with life coaching, science and psychology.

Elyse has worked with hundreds of clients, her teachings are regularly featured internationally in the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tut and Thrive, and her blog receives over 50,000 views per month. She is a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

Still have questions?

Send me an email or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

To your self love and dreams, gorgeous. xx

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