Have you heard of ‘decision fatigue’?

It’s a term coined by psychologist Roy Baumeister.

Picture a bowl of blueberries. This is the mental energy you wake up with each day.

Every decision you make through the day – no matter how small – costs you a blueberry. You can spend your bowl however you like.

Now, if every morning you’re deciding whether to press snooze again, whether you should check into Facebook, whether to go to the gym, oh no wait it’s too cold, but it will make me feel more alive, but it’s so far away, but health is important to me… Blueberry, blueberry, blueberry.

That’s why morning rituals can be really helpful.

When you create a morning ritual, you reduce the amount of choices you have to make – saving your precious mental energy for bigger, brighter things.

I’m usually a fan of spontaneity and mixing life up. But creating a morning ritual made my mornings simple, calm and beautiful.

Your morning ritual could involve:

  • waking up to an inspiring song
  • soaking up the soft sheets on your skin for a few moments
  • doing some gentle yoga or stretches to wake your body
  • meditation or mindfulness
  • drinking a warm lemon water, tea or coffee
  • reading a few pages from a favourite book
  • writing in a gratitude diary

You can also use this time to make a dedication for the day.

This could be an emotion state you want to bring forth within you (courage, love, patience, gratitude) or a higher intention for the 24 hours ahead of you (to show kindness, face fears, focus on your goals).

Whatever your heart needs.

Write an acronym or symbol for your daily dedication on the back of your hand, or put it as your phone screensaver using an app like WordSwag or ABeautifulMess.

It will serve as your gentle reminder through the day to stay on track, and not to get lost down rabbit holes that don’t match who you are or your vision for your dream life.

Do you have a morning ritual? Elyse x