I offer amazing online courses and life coaching packages to help you with self-love and manifesting your dreams.

The Beautiful Life Bootcamp is a 6 week guide to happiness and creating a life you love.

Each week you will learn the fundamentals of creating a beautiful life, including connecting with your soul, creating your dream life vision, busting through blocks and creating new beliefs, taking inspired action, living your dreams today, and increasing your happiness and mindfulness skills.

This program has been taken by over 200 people worldwide…



Become the confident sparkling queen you were born to be with the Self Love Course.

Are you ready to breakfree from negative self-talk? Do you compare yourself to other women? Do you care what other people think of you? Are you tired of not believing in yourself and your dreams? Are you tired of settling for less?

Step into your authentic power. Turn your self-love and worthiness up. Wake up feeling like a radiant nourished goddess. Unlock your feminine magnetism.



The Goals, Planning & Vision Board Party will set you up for success in 2018.

Do you care about living your best life? Do you want a clear vision and goals, but you get overwhelmed by the process? Would you love to wake up in 2018 with clarity and excitement about what you are creating and a plan to make it happen?

I use my unique planning process to create my vision, plan my year and slay my goals… and now I am sharing it all with you. You don’t want to miss this one.


Take your manifestation to the next level and co-create a magical life with the Manifest Course.

Are you tired of waking up on autopilot and dreading Mondays? Are you writing gratitude lists and still not manifesting the man or money?

Does manifesting your desires feel overwhelming or confusing? Does fear or doubt block you from taking action or staying in a high vibe? Are you craving more abundance and magic in all areas of your life?



As a qualified life and success coach, I take on a small number of people for 1:1 private life and business coaching.

This is perfect for ambitious women who are ready to design a life or business they love. Who are ready to restyle their thoughts and elevate their energy. Who are ready to become the gorgeous goddess queens they were born to be, and create a purposeful passionate pleasurable life.

Bust through your limiting beliefs, step into your highest potential self, and co-create your desires with more ease.


The Coach and Lightworkers Course is for aspiring or new coaches, lightworkers and boss babes.

Are you dreaming of unlocking your gifts to help others? Are you longing for a career where you do what you love?

Have you thought about a coaching or lightworking career? Would you love to gain more clarity on what it actually takes? Would you love to know to create the right foundations for success? Would you love guidance from a qualified coach on how to uplevel your business?






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