Do you struggle with negative self-talk and feeling you are not enough?

Have you ever felt unworthy of love, success, happiness, abundance or your dreams?

Do you focus on your flaws and imperfections and forget your positive traits and gifts?

Are you tired of comparing yourself to others, or worrying what people think of you?

Do you have a hard time letting go of guilt or forgiving yourself for your past and mistakes?

Have you lost touch with yourself and neglected self-care for too long?

 Would it change your life to increase your self-love and worthiness?

 Would you love practical tools to blossom into the best version of you?

 Are you ready to trust yourself and make the right decisions for you?

Are you ready to feel worthy of your goals and dreams and stop sabotaging yourself?

 Are you ready to refocus on self-love and self-care because you matter too?

I believe you came to this page for a reason.

Deep down you know your soul is calling for more self-love and worthiness.

I know because I was there too.

5 years ago I was my own worst critic.

I felt unworthy of love and settled for crappy relationships, jobs, foods and decisions.

I was too focused on my stretch marks, social anxiety and flaws, to notice anything good about me.

I compared myself to others and worried about what they thought of me. I needed their approval to feel good.

I lacked the courage and confidence to go after my dreams – not surprising given my negative self-talk.

I lost myself when giving to others and let my self-care practices slide.

No matter what I did… I never felt like enough.

Eventually… I got tired of doing battle with myself. I knew there had to be a better way to treat myself.

Deep down I also knew that not loving myself would always hold me back from living my best life.

So I made it my mission to teach myself step-by-step how to love and believe myself.

And the results were incredible.

The year I devoted to loving myself more my life transformed.

I left a toxic relationship of 8 years and found the love of my life.

I left a corporate career as a lawyer and trained to be a life coach.

I left unhappy friendships and met the inspiring loving friends I had always longed for.

I lost weight and took better care of myself without even thinking about it.

I started discovering my positive traits and gifts, and stopped comparing myself to others.

But best of all… it felt good to be me.

I became my own best friend, enjoyed my own company, and finally felt worthy and enough.

Self-love has CHANGED my life.

And I am confident that it will change yours too.

That is why I created Self Love Essentials.

To provide you with a complete step-by-step roadmap to self-love and worthiness.

To provide you with practical tools and practices designed to change your relationship with yourself.

Because self-love is about more than bubble baths and manicures (although they are lovely).

Self-love is about the way you view yourself, speak to yourself, treat yourself, the dreams you have for yourself, the relationships in your life, and how happy and whole you feel on a daily basis.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day feeling worthy and enough.

To have naturally loving and empowering self-talk and believe in your gifts and uniqueness.

To take time for self-care and pleasure because when your cup is full, everyone around you benefits.

To feel connected to your soul and purpose and feel worthy of love, happiness and success.

This is possible for you.

And I am here… to be your guide.

Because I believe self-love is totally achievable even if you have struggled with it in the past.

You just need the right guidance. And Self Love Essentials is the solution.

     Your True Self & Being Enough

  • The crucial difference between your ego and true self.
  • Learn the best tools for mastering your negative self-talk.
  • How to connect with your soul – the wise powerful you.
  • The trick to dropping your quest for perfection.
  • The little-known secret to finally feeling like enough.
  • The biggest self-love mistakes that keep people stuck for years.
  • Why your dreams and relationships depend on self-love first.
  • Plus, proven strategies to start loving yourself today.

     Love Who You Are & Fill Your Cup

  • Stuck in comparison? Learn my unique process for overcoming it.
  • Learn to fall in love with yourself and your life too.
  • The secret to unlocking your gifts, strengths and positive traits.
  • Why you never get where you want (and what to do about it).
  • The truth about self-care and filling your cup.
  • Mastering the art of being your own best friend and supporter.
  • Powerful and proven tools to increase your self-esteem.
  • Plus, revolutionise your whole relationship with yourself.

     Mindset Mastery & Body Love

  • How to transcend the limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • My unique process for creating new beliefs that serve you.
  • The little-known secret to becoming the BEST version of you.
  • Ready to finally make peace with your body? This is for you.
  • Practical tricks to increase your body love daily.
  • How to unlock your true beauty and radiance.
  • Learn to stop sabotaging your success and goals and thrive.
  • Plus, how to radically raise your self-worth and stop settling.

     Release Your Past & Heart Harmony

  • The truth about your past and how it impacts you today.
  • How to drop the guilt and let go of your mistakes and flaws.
  • A life-changing tool to instantly feel good about yourself.
  • How to handle your emotional triggers and moods with grace.
  • The little-known secret to overcoming your limitations.
  • Practical steps to following your heart and intuition.
  • How to trust yourself and make the right decisions for you.
  • Plus, proven strategies to end self-criticism for good.

     Wear Your Crown & Authentic Power

  • How to stop worrying what people think of you.
  • Learn to stop people-pleasing and set boundaries.
  • Wear your invisible crown and rule your queendom.
  • Powerful tools for building confidence and self-belief.
  • The life-changing skill of personal power.
  • How to wake up and shine your light with joy.
  • Plus, self-love in your relationships career and life.

The path to finally loving my whole self seemed overwhelming. I thought if I just pretended to love myself, eventually I would. But that wasn’t the case. When I heard about Self Love Essentials, I knew it was my chance to love who I am and rid myself of the guilt and anxiety weighing me down.

The content was so jammed packed full of value. I am amazed at how powerful the course is. I understand myself and know how to navigate my emotions and thoughts in a way I never have before. If you want to accept yourself and be content with who you are, this course is for you. 

While taking this course, I felt a major shift in the way I viewed myself, the way I spoke to myself, and the way I cared for my mind and body. I have gained a whole new sense of self… one I only ever dreamt about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It feels amazing. – Katie P, Iowa

Elyse takes you step-by-step from where you are from where you want to be — happy, confident, self-loving, and consciously living a life of purpose and passion that YOU design. 

It was life-changing to learn how my mindset and beliefs were keeping me trapped. I upgraded my inner world and had big wins in my outer world. – Rachel J, Australia

You will get:

Five Self Love Essentials modules with comprehensive trainings.

Self Love Essentials Workbook relating to each module. Your own self-love bible and resource.

Video audio and written content to suit all learning styles.

Access to the Self Love Essentials premium membership site.

Practical tools you can use daily for self-love and worthiness.

Weekly transformational homework to implement what you learned.

Unlimited lifetime access to the materials.

And there are bonuses:

 Exclusive Self Love Essentials self-love planner and printable cheatsheet for ultimate convenience.

A guided meditation to raise your worthiness and have you buzzing with self-love and confidence.

 Weekly affirmations to reprogram your mindset.


Hi gorgeous soul! I’m Elyse Santilli. I am a qualified life coach, writer, world traveler, and self-help junkie.

My work is featured on international publications like Mind Body Green and the Huffington Post.

I didn’t grow up with confidence or high self-esteem. In fact, I had social anxiety, an eating disorder and never felt good enough. I settled for crappy relationships, friendships and jobs, and beat myself up daily.

Working through my blocks to self-love, changing my self-talk and beliefs, discovering my uniqueness, and increasing my worthiness, has changed my life.

Today I am married to my soulmate, living my purpose, with amazing friends, and a fresh lifestyle by the beach. Self-love has radically increased my daily happiness and sense of freedom to be me.

I believe self-love is not selfish… it’s essential to your relationships, dreams and happiness. I believe you are worthy of an amazing life you love… and if you raise your standards the Universe will meet you there. I believe you are inherently enough and more magnificent than you know… but no one has proven it to you yet… I will!


Who is this course for?

The course is for anyone who is tired of letting a lack of self-love and worthiness hold then back from happiness and living fully.

What can I expect from this course?

This course is a complete masterclass on the basics of self-love and worthiness. You will receive support, love, guidance and a step-by-step plan to transform your relationship with yourself and create more magic in your life.

How does the course work?

The course is held completely online. You can go at your own pace.

Are you offering a payment plan?

Yes! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.

What if I am super busy right now?

No problem! It is up to you when you start the course. You have lifetime access to the content so you can go completely at your own pace. I am not sure when I will open the course again, and the price may increase next time, so now is the best time to join.

When does the program start?

You will get instant access to the Self Love Essentials course and modules.

Is this different from Self Love Queens?

This is a different version of the course, with video and written lessons, and bonus exercises. If you join one course, you get complimentary access to both. Just email elyse[at] to get this set up after your purchase.

Have more questions?

Send me an email or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

I believe the #1 problem you face when trying to build self-love is getting the right guidance.

Many people come to me saying they are lost or struggling in this area.

This is exactly why you need a self-love guide.

I believe you found my course in divine timing.

Something out there was telling you that you needed to learn to love, honour and believe in yourself more.

It was finally your time to take better-self care, discover your positive traits, and learn to feel worthy and enough.

Because the world needs your light. You were born to be you and love who you are.

And you need a loving empowering relationship with yourself to thrive.

Self Love Essentials is a comprehensive course designed to take your self-love and worthiness to the next level.

It can be done at your own pace. And you get lifetime access… so you get your own self-love resource hub.

I live by these principles daily and teach them to my private life coaching clients.

And I am so excited to share them with you!

Enrollment is currently closed.