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Words from Clients

Working with Elyse has been fantastic, a life changing experience! I could not recommend her highly enough.

Elyse is a beautiful soul, a great mentor and a very passionate coach. In just few sessions with her compassion and support Elyse was able to help me find full clarity and confidence.

I felt connected, inspired, motivated and clear on how and what actions I needed to take in order to move forward on solving long time personal issues and in a professional level to fulfil my dream goals. Truly amazing!

Elyse has also taught me to live life with a more positive approach and from a place of gratitude. – Diana Carles, Scotland

I chose to work with Elyse because I wanted to work on my career, self-confidence, boundary-setting, and relationships.

I am now saying “no” and setting boundaries, prioritising relationships, devoting more time to creative pursuits, completing projects, and I received a pay rise.

I am valuing myself and my contributions a lot more, I feel more comfortable feeling like I deserve my desires. I have been better at noticing my thoughts and emotions and observing them, and choosing to respond in a productive way.

I could tell Elyse really cared a lot about me individually and I loved her follow-up emails – they were so personal and tailored to my specific experiences and needs. I would absolutely recommend Elyse to anyone looking for a life coach.
– Nisha Ajmani, Program Manager, San Fransisco

Before working with Elyse, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and make progress with my blog and writing career.

Elyse helped me address the fears that were holding me back, and create space for new opportunities in my life. I was unexpectedly offered a writing job, and received numerous interview and guest posting requests for the first time ever!

Since working with Elyse, I have reignited my meditation practice, I’m sleeping better, I have more patience with my kids, and I’ve lost 3kg by eating more mindfully.

Elyse has a wealth of knowledge about philosophy, spirituality and personal growth. I would absolutely recommend Elyse! If you’re considering taking up coaching with Elyse, I can confidently say you should go for it! – Rebecca Stevens, Australia

Online Life Coach Reviews Elyse Santilli Elyse takes you step-by-step from where you are from where you want to be — happy, confident, self-loving, and consciously living a life of purpose and passion that YOU design.

It was life-changing to learn how my mindset and beliefs were keeping me trapped. I upgraded my inner world and had big wins in my outer world.

– Rach James,

Online Life Coach Reviews Elyse Santilli I was feeling ambivalent and stuck in my life. I didn’t really know what I was doing or why I was doing it.

Since working with Elyse, I am definitely more present and mindful, and happier more often. I have found the confidence to pursue my life goals. It’s a great way to get some clarity on your life purpose and to take stock of where you’re at.

Even better, the changes you put in motion can make you seem like a different person by the end! – Jenny Kojev, Lawyer, Sydney

Elyse, I feel completely different in such an amazing way.

Thank you for sharing so much in a practical and easy to follow format. You explain things really well and then your exercises and worksheets make me follow through.

I have personally found your exercises incredibly powerful for reaching my goals. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. – Kim Spencer-McDonald, New Zealand

The path to finally loving my whole self seemed overwhelming. I thought if I just pretended to love myself, eventually I would. But that wasn’t the case.

When I heard about Self Love Essentials, I knew it was my chance to love who I am and rid myself of the guilt and anxiety weighing me down.

The content was so jammed packed full of value. I am amazed at how powerful the course is. I understand myself and know how to navigate my emotions and thoughts in a way I never have before. If you want to accept yourself and be content with who you are, this course is for you.

While taking this course, I felt a major shift in the way I viewed myself, the way I spoke to myself, and the way I cared for my mind and body. I have gained a whole new sense of self… one I only ever dreamt about. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It feels amazing. – Katie P, Iowa


“If you are thinking about coaching with Elyse, I would say absolutely DO IT. I followed Elyse for two years and finally made the call. Do not hesitate to contact her when you are ready. I gained a sense of calm direction, I am able to catch myself quicker when my thinking goes astray, I had many aha-moments and grew tremendously in the way I think about wealth and my newfound ability to truly love and accept myself, flaws and all. Even my friends have noticed the change! Elyse has been a very important part of my life. I will take her guidance with me the rest of my life.” – Adonna Braly, Texas


“I feel more joy in my life, more peaceful and more confident to follow my dreams. I gained an overall picture of what a good life truly is. Since working with Elyse, I now know I can reach my goals, conquer my fears and truly experience life by being in the present. I am excited and so grateful!” – Malin Eriksson, Stockholm


“Before the course, I was wondering about my emotional ups and downs, and worrying about my purpose in life. Beautiful Life Bootcamp has been a life changer. I would highly recommend the course! I only wish I had taken it sooner in my life.” – Heather Manning Coutenay
“These lessons are changing my life! Writing about what I want has definitely given me direction, a feeling of power, peace and joy. I am moving in a positive direction. So thankful I signed up for the Bootcamp!” – Dorothy WicksMichigan
“The Bootcamp is helping me tremendously. I have been savouring each module. I’m consistently meditating and I really do carry the calmness through my day. My favourite things include the approachable language and humble attitude of our fearless leader Elyse; the community; and the workbook activities.” – Kellie Hollaway Oregon
“Before signing up for the Bootcamp, I was surrounded by negativity and constantly looking back and questioning past decisions I had made. Since signing up for the Bootcamp, I am starting to live the way I want – letting go past hurts and being happy about life. My only regret is that I did not come across it sooner.” – David De Maine New Zealand

Words from Readers

“I am writing to you to thank you for being a positive voice during a very difficult time in my life, I really had hit rock bottom and did not know what I was going to do, I started reading everything on your site which led me to others as well. Six months later after really making an effort to appreciate the small things, be gentle with myself, and taking opportunities to make myself happy I really am in a much better place and have only good feelings about what is to come. So I am very thankful and grateful to have had you to help me through.” – Email from Reader

“I honestly believe this one email blog from you was sent to me by the Universe just when I needed this most. You are so on point and I wholeheartedly appreciate these poignant words you so elegantly grace us with.” – Email from Reader

“I just want to let you know that your emails truly make my day when I get them. You have a way of making me feel as though you are talking directly to me, giving me love, blessings, and advice in moments when I often find myself needing it most. You are an awesome and amazing person, thank you so much.” – Email from Reader

“I can literally feel the love that drives you to send out these extremely helpful emails.” – Email from Reader

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond to my email. The world needs more people like you! I can’t wait to see more of what’s to come.” – Email from Reader

“You are one beautiful ball of positive energy and I love you!” – Email from Reader

“Today’s Notes on Bliss email was just what I needed. I feel so inspired now and more in flow with the Universe.” – Email from Reader

“Whenever I’m feeling a little low I turn to some of my favorite messages from you and like magic, I get rejuvenated once again. You’re a little bit of a blessing in my life and times and I just wanted to thank you for that. I actually love the sweet and generous heart that you are!” – Email from Reader

“Thank you for always popping up in my Inbox just at the right time, and for making me feel very special. Your words and insights are so appreciated and touch me deeply. You seem to always key in on my struggles and that helps me to stop and take a breath and remember what’s important.” – Email from Reader

“Thank you so much Elyse. I love your notes. They make me feel connected and inspired to live the most perfect life. Thank you.” – Email from Reader

“Elyse, you are SOOO wonderful. Every time you send me something, I feel better. You alone inspire gratitude!” – Email from Reader

“You are an amazing and vibrant soul in the universe.  Thank you, thank you for sharing your light with all of us.  Your email has lifted me to a place of flight and beyond.” – Email from Reader

“You and your teachings are making steady and permanent changes in my life, I am so blessed to have discovered you about 18 months ago. I am spiritually richer. I sleep better and deeper, life is getting better, day by day. The miracles and blessings daily are life-changing.”

“Just want to drop you a quick gratitude note to say thank you for your emails, love and inspirations. I do find value for all that you do and am encouraged by your commitment to share your love and knowledge. Thank you once again and may peace be with you. – Email from Reader

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