nourishment for your soul

If the world is a reflection of your dominant thoughts, and you can change your life by changing your thoughts, it makes sense to surround yourself with positive inspiration and to continually find ways to nourish your soul.

The pull of the ego is so strong – but by nourishing your soul, it’s easier to remember your true identity as a spiritual goddess or god, a beautiful collection of energy and light from the Universe.

(The flip side is, if you surround yourself with crap content, your life will be crap.)

The thing is, we are not living in a hugely spiritual age.

It’s surprisingly hard to surround yourself with positivity and beautiful, inspiring messages.

Most of us can’t stand being alone without our mobile phone, so it’s equally hard to master the art of listening to that inner voice of wisdom available inside of us – yes, all of us.

In the spirit of sharing, here is a resource list of some of my favourite sources of inspiration and nourishment for a happy soul.

1. Notes From the Universe

These incredible email gems appear in my inbox Monday to Friday. And I have All Of The Love for them.

Mike Dooley has a beautiful way of tapping into that deeper, infinite, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring, love-filled part of each of us and the entire Universe.

His words will make you laugh, smile and cry, exclaiming with relief: I finally get it. This is who I really am. This is what life is really about.

Do your soul a favour and sign up.

2. White Light Healing

The White Light is a powerful healing energy for both our bodies and minds.

Every Monday at 9pm you can take part in a white light healing from wherever you are in the world.

They are offered by the gorgeous spiritual goddess Belinda Davidson. She ‘sends’ her White Light energy to people who sign up, which can activate your own self healing power.

You simply sign up the week before, and make sure that at 9pm (your time), you take a moment to sit or lie down to receive your gift of energy.

3. Soul Writing

We are raised to believe that all of the wisdom and answers we’re seeking are out there in the world.

Yet sages from Rumi to Eckhart Tolle teach that all the answers lie within us.

I didn’t really understand the true meaning of this concept until I started a daily soul writing practice.

Soul writing is a bit like journaling, but a lot more open-hearted, vulnerable and insightful.

I have gone from thinking I was simply not fortunate enough to be born with a strong sense of intuition or inner voice, to communicating with my soul (Self, spirit, inner guide) every day.