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7 Ways To Transform Your Money Mindset

The level of abundance in your life in any area – love, friendship, success or finances – is a reflection of your inner state – what you hold in your mind and heart. Want to improve your money mindset and create a healthy and loving relationship with money?

Here are 7 ways to transform your money mindset.

money mindset

1. Forgive your past.

So many of our unquestioned beliefs and behaviour patterns today around money are simply things we picked up at childhood or our past. They are not true and they don’t serve our highest good.

Forgiveness is a way to release them from our heart and energy field, so we are no longer blindly re-creating the same patterns and keeping ourselves stuck at the same level of abundance.

Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the painful memories you have around money – involving your parents, lovers, bosses or even yourself – that make you feel icky, stressed, anxious or frustrated.

Now, go through your list and practice forgiveness until you release the negative charge from each memory. You could try:

(a) Using a mantra such as: I forgive you. I’m sorry. I love you.

(b) Placing your hand on your heart and simply letting yourself feel the emotions that arise – giving yourself permission to feel them fully without attaching a mental story to them. Often as you let your feelings rise and observe them without judgement, they will naturally dissolve.

(c) Having compassion. Maybe your parents fought in front of you or didn’t have enough money and it caused you pain, but they were doing their best from their level of awareness – and they were probably re-creating the patterns they had learnt when they were children. Everyone is a divine loving inner spirit deep down – sometimes our true nature just gets temporarily obscured, like a cloud covering the sun.

2. Change your story.

The poet Rumi once said: “This world is like a mountain. Your echo depends on you. If you scream good things, the world will give it back. If you scream bad things, the world will give it back.”

He is referring to the Universal law of creation. Your inner world (thoughts, beliefs and feelings) creates your outer reality.

Do you find yourself saying or thinking things like: I’m so broke… Making money is hard… I’m always down to my last dollar… I never have enough… Wanting money is bad or greedy…?

Try changing your story around money. Start saying and thinking things like: I’m so blessed… I have everything that I need… the Universe always takes care of me… I give to the world and I receive… it is safe for me to have abundance… I am provided for.

3. Open your mind to infinite possibilities.

When it comes to manifesting, your logical mind can be your worst enemy.

It has a limited capacity to think beyond what it already knows, and it can be quick to tell you things like: Well, you can’t earn more from your current job, so receiving more money is, frankly, impossible.

When you have unexamined assumptions that you can only receive money in certain pre-determined ways – like a pay cheque from a day job – you block the Universe from finding other amazingly creative ways to bring you abundance.

I have received unexpected abundance in the form of: being invited on an all-expenses-paid luxury trip by a friend who won an award; receiving out-of-the-blue job offers; closing an old bank account and discovering money in it; and finding things I desired for 20 per cent of the cost.

Begin asking the Universe: What would it take for more money to flow to me? What would it take for me to get paid for being me? What would it take for creative ideas to come to me?

4. Practice gratitude.

The world is a reflection of you. When you look around your life and see and feel lack, the Universe receives the message to send you more lack.

So many of us suffer from a condition called Onlyness. We look at our bank balance and think: I only have $42. We look at our wardrobes and think: I only have these clothes to choose from. We look at our lives and think: I only have this much love // friendship // success // wellbeing // happiness.

When you start looking around your life and seeing everything as evidence of abundance, and feeling thankful and deeply grateful, the Universe sends you more abundance.

Look at your bank balance and think: Wow, I have a whole $42 to spend, that’s awesome. Look at your wardrobe and thank: Wow, I have warm clothes for my temple, how amazing is that? Look at your life and think: Wow, I already have this much love // friendship // success // wellbeing // happiness, and I am excited for even more. I am so grateful to be alive, adventuring in time and space, and I am going to soak up and appreciate every moment.

Bless your money as it goes in and out of your life. Bless it as you buy something as simple as your morning coffee. Pause and give thanks to the Universe for providing so much for you.

5. Create space.

When your life is full to the brim with old energy, memories and clutter, you are not symbolically or energetically creating space for abundance to come into your life.

Do a life assessment – look lovingly and honestly at your home, possessions, bank balance, love life, friends, career, leisure time, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Where are you not being true to your heart, soul and values? What needs to go in order for you to feel freer, lighter and liberated?

The more you remove anything that no longer serves you, the more space you create – physically and emotionally – for new people, opportunities and abundance to flow into your life.

6. Know your worth.

You are a divine spiritual being having a human experience.

You are the Universe experience itself through you. Your creator desires for you to experience endless happiness, peace and fulfilment.

Until you know your true nature and worth, you will probably experience feelings of guilt and doubt around receiving and abundance.

When you wake up to who you really are, you begin to realise that you are not here just to struggle and survive – you are here to love, create, expand and thrive.

7. Take small steps to cultivate the feeling of abundance.

Abundance is not a number on a bank statement, a large house or a luxury holiday. Abundance is a feeling.

Think about what abundance means to you. Does it mean freedom? Does it mean generosity? Does it mean indulgence?

When you know what abundance means to you, you can start taking baby steps to cultivate the feeling of abundance on a daily basis.

You can do this through visualisation (imagining your dreams already being real) or by looking around your life and coming up with creative ways to feel the way you want to feel.

Maybe you feel abundant when you: spend a whole hour with a good book and a glass of wine…  cook dinner for friends… have freshly washed hair and wear your favourite outfit… or carry a $100 note in your wallet… Start doing these small actions more often.

When you create the feeling of abundance within you, the Universe will pick up your new signal and start bringing you circumstances to match your new vibration.

So what’s the link between money and spirituality? Your inner world creates your outer world, so the more you create feelings of love, peace and abundance on the inside, the more you will experience them in your external world. But it won’t even matter so much anymore, because you will discover that your biggest treasures are within you 😉

I hope that serves you, beautiful soul.





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    September 2, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Love this article all so true you really do have to make peace with getting rid of negative feelings around money and be grateful to fully bring it into your life 🙂 Thanks for sharing these great tips!

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    August 29, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    so true, so lovely, so empowering….thank you

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    August 29, 2015 at 1:07 am

    Elyse – nice examples of how to open up more from our inner depths to receive more. We do need to acknowledge what we have and be grateful for it. Each night I list at least 5 things that happened that day I am thankful for. Often they are small and that’s okay.

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