The teachings and tools to get into alignment, upgrade your mindset, and manifest your dream life, on repeat.

Gorgeous soul… does any of this resonate?

  • You care about unleashing your potential and know you were born for more.
  • You are into self-help and manifestation, but confused about how to actually implement or live it.
  • You have limiting beliefs, doubts, unworthiness or blocks holding you back from confidently taking action.
  • You want to drop the struggle and manifest more easily, with soul connection and universe support.
  • You wonder how some people seem to suddenly manifest their dream life.
  • You want to manifest much more than just car spaces or coffees (although they are nice).
  • You are confused about your dreams and goals, or the next steps to make them a reality.
  • Rather than just going through the motions, you want to wake up feeling more inspired and aligned.
  • You would prefer practical teachings and tools, over woo-woo rituals and candles (although they are nice, too).
  • You are ready to breakthrough to your next-level of success, love, abundance or miracles.

Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires has been created and cosmically coded just for you.

It’s like a University degree in manifestation.

This online course is designed to support you:

Create a crystal clear vision for your dream life and set soul-aligned goals.

Get into alignment daily for more high vibes, flow, ease, and synchronicity.

Learn how to process and release the limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears holding you back.

Reprogram your subconscious belief systems and activate new thoughts.

Step into the highest future version of you at an identity level now.

Become a vibrational match to your desires to quantum shift and collapse time.

Learn when to use surrender, faith and trust in the process.

Know how to take inspired aligned actions and make progress towards your goals.

Unlock your divine worthiness and release self-sabotage so that you are a clear channel for receiving.

Understand the basics of mindset work and manifestation, and feel more connected to your soul guidance and the Universe.

Have a structure to manifest your next-level desires on repeat (e.g. career, clients, travel, homes, abundance, love, magic).

I know what it’s like to be totally out of alignment with the flow of your soul and the universe.

A few years ago, I was living a life that felt like an “itchy sweater” – I was working long hours as a lawyer, settling in relationships, and struggling with low confidence and a lack mentality.

I was crying on the way home from my lawyer job, when I asked for guidance/support/a miracle.

I was led to a local philosophy class, which sparked my passion for this work.

I discovered the principles and tools to tap into my authentic desires, reprogram my mindset, raise my frequency, and manifest with the Universe.

I now travel the world as a qualified life coach, working with dream clients, with a beachside apartment home base, better relationships, daily magic, and embodying the sparkly confident authentic worthy goddess version of me.

I have used these principles and tools to manifest soul desires like: a career change, over $150K worth of luxury travel, 3 x modern dream apartments, paid writing gigs, business class travel, celebrities like Khloe Kardasian and Jennifer Love Hewitt sharing my writing, romantic partners, yoga mats, high heels, getting nominated for coaching awards, soul-aligned clients, free cocktails or dessert, hotel room upgrades, meeting my idols, a successful business, and so much daily magic and flow. 

My clients have used these principles to manifest things like: $27K unexpected money, 6-figure successful online course launches, moving countries, attracting job offers, higher quality romantic dates, all-expenses-paid cruises, more Instagram followers, the perfect office space in NYC, new aligned friends, private chefs, new program ideas, dream clients, a deeper sense of confidence and worthiness, bags of cash (literally), getting paid for their soul gifts or art, designer wardrobes, and daily joy.


After working with 100s of people, I noticed common themes and questions:

> People were reading self-help books… but not actually changing their lives or being consistent.

> People were confused about manifestation and not sure when to journal, visualise, let go, believe or take action.

> People didn’t know how to bridge the “gap” between where they are and where they desire to be.

> People wanted to know practically and simply (no fluff or confusion)… how to do the inner work and release limiting beliefs, become an energetic match to their dreams, believe they deserve more, or find the confidence to create it.

So I created this online course… to make modern manifestation simple, practical, fun and life-changing.

The Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course is a complete guide to mastering manifestation.

Because manifestation is not just something you do occasionally on the full moon or when you have your crystals handy…

Manifestation is a lifestyle. It’s about knowing what you want, working your mindset, creating a new vibe, and acting from the highest future version of you, today.

This is a different way of being in the world – based on alignment, passion, worthiness, authenticity, flow and miracles.

Because you deserve an ecstatic authentic beautiful life you love, that feels like a silk dress or comfy t-shirt.

You were born to be a divine creator – and your dreams and expansion are calling you.

You are supported by the limitless supply of the Universe – and it cannot wait to co-create with you.

As Marianne Williamson says “the Universe is programmed for your success and happiness”.

As Oprah says “create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

And as Abraham Hicks says “Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you. Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be”.


The Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course is held completely online.

The course beings 8 October 2019 and runs for 5 weeks.

You will receive:

7 amazing course training modules (recorded live 1-2 a week, but you can catch the replays).

Workbooks designed to support you as you dig into the course content and manifest your soul desires.

Weekly journal prompts, affirmations, and transformational tools.

Lifetime access to the digital course content (so you can take and re-take at your own leisure).

A private Facebook group to support you during our time together.

2 x live Q&A calls (to have your questions answered by Elyse).

Sneak peek into my journal, so you can see how I process and shift limiting beliefs and journal my dreams into reality.


Here is just a sample of what the course covers:

Module 1: Alignment and getting into a high vibration

  • Understanding basic laws of the Universe and manifestation.
  • A simple 5-step manifesting process you can use to co-create your desires and goals on repeat.
  • What is alignment and why it matters for creating your best life.
  • Creating your own morning alignment practices for success.
  • How to stay in a high vibration and release negativity.
  • Understanding the miracle mindset and emotional guidance.

Module 2: Vision, desires and setting goals with soul

  • Tapping into your soul truth and authenticity.
  • Giving yourself permission to have it all (worthiness).
  • Getting clear on what you want and your goals and desires.
  • Ensuring you are living in integrity with your core values.
  • Planning out your short-term and long-term intentions.
  • How to let the Universe exceed your wildest expectations.

Module 3: Shifting limiting beliefs and mindset work

  • Identifying the limiting beliefs and resistance holding you back.
  • The 3 types of common limiting beliefs and what to do about them.
  • The tools you can use to process and shift doubts and fears.
  • Reprogramming your subconscious (childhood) beliefs.
  • How to coach yourself when you feel stuck or out of alignment.

Module 4: Becoming a vibrational match to your dreams

  • How to become a vibrational match to your desires.
  • The best way to use tools such as journalling, visualising and affirmations.
  • How to journal your reality (what I have done since 2014 – it works!)
  • Manifestation practices that speed up your dreams.
  • How to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Module 5: The highest future version of you

  • The power of identity and why it matters for manifestation.
  • How uplevelling your identity prevents self-sabotage and inspires action.
  • How to create an archetype for the highest version of you.
  • Using archetype work to quantum shift and collapse time.
  • Raising your standards and creating an environment to match the new you.

Module 6: Taking inspired action and showing up

  • Meeting the Universe halfway and why it matters.
  • How to take inspired action to achieve your goals with more ease.
  • Tuning into soul guidance daily.
  • What to do when you are lacking motivation or inspiration.
  • Releasing the need to know “how” your dreams will manifest.
  • Having the confidence to go after what you want and show up fully.
  • Letting things be easier and the path of least resistance.

Module 7: Non-attachment and receiving

  • The art of non-attachment, trust and faith.
  • Troubleshooting when things are not seemingly working out for you.
  • Releasing sabotage and increasing your capacity to receive love, abundance and success.
  • How to love where you are, while raising your expectations for more.
  • Using the principles and tools to manifest on repeat (level-up every year).
  • Pulling it all together to be the best version of you and create your best life.

Hi gorgeous, I’m Elyse.

I am a qualified award-nominated life coach, podcast host, and manifesting queen.

I am a life and biz mentor to spiritual women who want to own their worth, give their gifts, and manifest a soul-aligned beautiful abundant life.

I am a graduate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

I have been obsessed with personal development, mindset and manifestation for 7+ years.

I didn’t grow up confident or creating my dreams – I was asleep and unfulfilled for many years.

When I learned to tap into my truth, shift my limiting beliefs, and work with the Universe – it changed the game. I got into alignment and co-created a life and biz that makes me proud.

My work has been featured in Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tut Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global and more, and my website has had over 1,000,000 views.


I know what it feels like to be done with the struggle. Done with the unworthiness. Done with limitimg beliefs and doubts. Done with waiting to be more ready or perfect or enough. Done with settling for less.

Maybe you have felt something click inside – and you know it’s your time to elevate. You know in your heart and soul that you were born for more. And you are ready to breakthrough.

Maybe you are ready to learn the principles and tools to step into the next-level version of you and create your dreams and desires. On repeat. To create a magical beautiful abundant aligned life.

We are 3 months away from the end of this DECADE and 2020. If you are feeling the soul nudge to join – now is your time. YOU are your most invaluable asset. You are worthy of this.

Are you ready to join us?

Classic option:

Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course.

Pay in full $555.

2 monthly payments of $280.

Extended payment plan option (4 x $140)

Enrollment is now closed.

The course begins 8pm Eastern USA time on Tuesday 8 October. If you missed it, and want a chance to join last minute, you can email or message Elyse on Instagram.


VIP option:

Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course.

5 x intimate group coaching weekly calls with 5 other women and Elyse (for coaching on your specific goals).

5 x weeks of private 1:1 Voxer support with Elyse (voicemail and text message coaching).

(Only 6 spaces available for the VIP option – 1 spot left).

Pay in full $888.

3 monthly payments of $296.


When does the course start?

The course starts 8 October 2019.

You will receive an email prior to this with more details and the curriculum.

I’m super busy, what if I don’t have time to take the course?

I’ve got you, gorgeous – you get lifetime access to the online course, so you can do the work at your own pace.

The course modules and workbooks are the kind of invaluable wisdom that you can keep coming back to again and again.

If you are feeling the soul nudge to join – now is your time.

I have done Bliss Babes group coaching, can I do this course?

Absolutely! This course has some overlap with Bliss Babes, but dives deeper into mindset work and manifestation. You also get the energy and support of the live course. If you are a Bliss Babes graduate, contact Elyse for your special bonus offer.

What currency is the course in?

The course is in USD.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love and deeply believe in this content – it has worked for me continuously and my 1:1 clients. However, I cannot guarantee or warrant specific results.

What is your refund policy?

I do not believe you are going to want one, but I offer a 10-day satisfaction guarantee (from the start date of the course).

If you don’t get value from the course, simply email me with your fully completed homework, to show you have done the work.


“Elyse, you have helped me in unimaginable ways. Your perspective shifts help elevate me into greatness. I thank you a million times and even that wouldn’t be enough for how you’ve help improve my self worth, money mindset, gratitude and my reversal of limiting self beliefs. Working with you was the highlight of my weeks. Since working with you, I have experienced EXPONENTIAL growth. And I mean in various areas of my life. I upgraded my life and my family and I moved to a new state to follow our dreams and hearts tug. You taught me that I don’t need to figure out the “how” but that I can do my part to feel good now for what I want. I have manifested THOUSANDS of dollars, modeling opportunities, amazing clientele for my business and most importantly a new love for myself. You taught me what grace is and how to apply it to my life. If you’re reading this and are decided if you’d like to work with Elyse one on one, DO IT! You have so much to gain. Deciding to work with Elyse was easily one of the best decisions I have made for myself and for my future! Thank you Elyse! You’re magical!” – Brandi H Richardson, Microblading Artist + Model


“I knew I had to work with Elyse because of her beautiful and light energy!! Also her posts I vibe with more than most people online. Working with her was one of the best decisions of my life and I will definitely be a lifelong client of hers. She is the Queen of Abraham Hicks, like a walking talking version of Esther (except able to practically relate the laws of the universe to your specific situation even better than Esther can). She is soooooo good at what she does. Since working with her, I feel so much lighter and at peace. I feel my connection with my inner being way stronger. I am a lot gentler with myself too. She helped me fill out one of my first online courses, by teaching me how to be in alignment with clients. She helped me re-work and process some beliefs that were holding me back in so many areas… she gives so much care and support, more than any other coach I’ve had. She takes you under her wing and you feel so nurtured and cared for. She is a delight and if you are feeling called to work with her, trust this! She will help you get to your next level of alignment, bliss and joy. So grateful for you Elyse!!” – Britney Taylor, Coach


“I’m truly at a loss for words when it comes to trying to describe just how much Elyse has truly changed my life. After just 1 year of coaching with her I feel like a completely different person, but at the same time 100% who I’m meant to be. Elyse helped me uncover my true authentic radiant self that had been hiding for so many years because I was unable to move through trauma, embrace self-love, put myself first, speak my mind, forgive those who hurt me, trust in the Universe and so so much more. Through our weekly coaching calls I’ve reached a level of being I never thought possible… true joy on a daily basis. I never knew that you could genuinely operate at a base level of joy every day. …After only 1 year working with Elyse I’m at a point in my life where I’m dreaming bigger and receiving more than I ever thought possible. I can’t express my gratitude enough for everything Elyse has done for me. Elyse is an incredibly beautiful soul whom I feel so honored to have in my life.” – Shay Brown, COO + Co-Founder of The Bucketlist Bombshells


Classic option:

Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course.

Pay in full $555.

2 monthly payments of $280.

Extended payment plan option (4 x $140)

Enrollment is now closed.

The course begins 8pm Eastern USA time on Tuesday 8 October. If you missed it, and want a chance to join last minute, you can email or message Elyse on Instagram.


VIP option:

Wake Up And Manifest Your Soul Desires online course.

5 x intimate group coaching weekly calls with 5 other women and Elyse (for coaching on your specific goals).

5 x weeks of private 1:1 Voxer support with Elyse (voicemail and text message coaching).

(Only 6 spaces available for the VIP option – 1 spot left).

Pay in full $888.

3 monthly payments of $296.

What happens after I sign up?

You will receive your official welcome email + a huge congrats from me!!!

You will also receive more important details closer to the state date.

Have questions?

Email elyse[at] or message me on Instagram.

To your dream life, gorgeous soul. xx