Meet Elyse

Elyse Santilli is a writer, podcaster and qualified life and success coach.

She inspires ambitious women to unlock their worth, get into alignment, and manifest their wildest dreams.

Elyse has been featured in Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tut.com, Thought Catalog, Woman, Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global and more.

Elyse inspires tens of thousands of people each month with her daily truths about life, mindset and manifestation tips, and empowering messages.

She supports people through her 1:1 coaching packages and Bliss Babes group coaching program. She is also the creator of the Manifesting Course, Self Love Course, Beautiful Life Bootcamp and Coaches Mastermind.

Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration and sign up for her weekly newsletter for mindset and manifesting tips, behind-the-scenes peeks, and free resources. 

She has trained at the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and completed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass with New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein.

Hi gorgeous soul!

Do you have a sneaky feeling that there could be MORE to life?

Do you want to jump out of bed with passion and purpose each morning?

Do you believe in the power of mindset and manifestation?

Do you want to discover your confidence and worthiness?

Are you ready to unlock your authenticity and truth?

Are you ready to get in alignment and raise your daily vibration?

Are you ready to step into the worthy magnetic gorgeous being you were born to be?

Are you obsessed with all things mindset, manifesting, spirituality and glam self-help?

Then you are in the right place!

Welcome to my website and wonderland, Notes On Bliss.

This is your online hub to unlock your self-love sparkle, live in alignment with your authentic truth, and manifest your deepest desires with ease and grace.

I am obsessed with helping you celebrate your badass self and create success on your terms.

I believe that we are divine spiritual beings having an adventure on earth.

I believe that you are inherently worthy and way more amazing than you know.

I believe that you are here to be fiercely authentic and follow your unique calling and desires.

I believe that we can co-create our dreams through manifestation and alignment.

I believe that your purpose is to know your worth, follow your heart, express your truth, have fun, adventure, manifest your dreams, love and expand.

Ever since I was 5 years old I have been obsessed with philosophy and the meaning of life.

I always knew that life was meaningful and magical, but I didn’t know how to pierce the veil and find the truth.

As a high achiever, I created a good-on-paper life but felt lost and empty on the inside.

I was a lawyer working long hours at a job that hurt my soul, dating the wrong guy for 8 years, hanging out with toxic friends, with a lack mentality and low self-esteem.

By the grace of the Universe, I found the light and truth.

I came across the principles, tools and mentors I needed to wake up to my soul, fall in love with who I am, and manifest a life that once seemed beyond my wildest dreams.

I now live by the beach and travel the world. I wake up every day and write, coach and teach from my heart and truth.

I mentor women who are ready to own their feminine worth and manifest their next level dreams.

I love to meditate each morning, travel the world, dance, have philosophical conversations, buy fresh flowers, watch the sunrise, and co-create magic and miracles.

It is now my mission to guide other souls on the same journey to authenticity, worth and magic.

A few more things…

I am a Sagittarius… I love freedom, travel and adventure… philosophy and the meaning of life… dreaming big and optimism.

My soul gifts are… truth, power and communication.

Things that spark my soul include… Deep and meaningful conversations. Sunrises and stargazing. Reading philosophy books. Travel and adventure. Creative expression. Writing speaking and teaching. Morning coffee. Meditation. Dancing. Luxury hotels. Fresh flowers. Mexican food. Journalling. Feminine magnetism. A glass of champagne. Freedom. Wonderment.

I believe in… Authenticity. Manifestation. The power of mindset work. Self love and worthiness. Truth. Self-expression. Source energy. Alignment. Creating your dreams. Service to others. Flow. Love and miracles.

How can I serve you?

If you are new around here, let me give you a tour of my online space.

You can listen to my podcast Wake Up And Manifest here.

You can read my popular blog articles here.

You can find out more about my online courses and coaching here.

You can sign up for my free resource library and weekly emails here.

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for more empowerment.

To your alignment, worth and magic, gorgeous soul!

Elyse xx

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